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Flywallet Supports NFT Workshop For African Artists
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Flywallet Supports NFT Workshop For African Artists
Written by Oliver Munro
June 21, 2022

[June 21, 2022] Flywallet has found a suitable partner in the hunt for global prosperity: Africa Blockchain University.

ABU is a decentralized, non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting blockchain adoption throughout Africa. To achieve this, they’ve been running NFT workshops for African artists across the continent.

Far too many African artists live in penury because of poor intellectual property rights. This makes it difficult for them to survive on money made from their work.

                    “We want to change the narrative by providing them with tools they can leverage to reverse the situation.”

Frisco d’Anconia, founder of ABU, is a pillar of the African web3 ecosystem and a leader to many.

By educating African artists on NFTs and the intersection of art and blockchain technology, Frisco helping them to access global markets and build sustainable careers in the industry through ABU.

The NFT ToT Workshop began in Tanzania in 2022 and has since been to Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Ghana with plans in the pipeline to carry the event to Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, and much more.

Flywallet’s African ambassador, Elisha Precious, giving a presentation at the NFT workshop in Lagos, Nigeria.

The goal?

To help African artists understand NFTs so they can leverage them to preserve African heritage and culture through the blockchain.

And Flywallet wants to help.

Creativity can be found in every corner of the globe. But the amount of access and intellectual property rights granted to different places is not the same.

That needs to change.

That’s why we’ve become the official Travel Partner for these workshops. 

We’re sponsoring ABU’s Blockchain education program by providing flight tickets for the workshop facilitators. We’ve already helped make five of these workshops possible by doing this, and we’re not stopping there.

We think that all artists, like all travelers, deserve an even playing field.

Just like ABU, we strongly believe in empowering others by educating people about blockchain technology.

We agree that by deepening African artists’ understanding of NFTs, they’ll be able to reap well-deserved benefits for years to come.

If you’d like to support ABU and the NFT workshop, they accept donations in numerous forms. Check the links below to learn more about how you can help make a difference for African artists.


Oliver Munro
Content Creator and Copywriter at Flywallet

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