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Flywallet Selected By AWS For Impact Accelerator Program
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Flywallet Selected By AWS For Impact Accelerator Program
Written by Oliver Munro
June 21, 2022

[June 21, 2022] – Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced Flywallet as one of the 25 startups chosen to be a part of their Impact Accelerator for Black Founders program.

This will give Flywallet a boost toward our goal of making travel accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

The AWS Impact Accelerator is a series of programs designed to give high-potential, pre-seed startups led by underrepresented founders a better chance at success. The Impact Accelerator for Black Founders is the first installment of this three-year, $30 million commitment.

“A good accelerator with a good program, really early on, can make such a big difference. So many founders don’t have necessary resources, connections, or access to capital. We have people innovating from all cultures and parts of the world, and they typically don’t have access.”

      - Adriana Vazquez, CEO of Lilu

The Impact Accelerator programs run for eight weeks. During this time, participants will have the opportunity to create a personalized training curriculum from dozens of available learning sessions.

We’ll also learn how to use Amazon’s own processes to build innovative teams and drive day-to-day decisions.

“Receiving the AWS Startups grant is a badge of honor for Flywallet. It's a boost of confidence and momentum that will help us grow the company in the right direction and provide our service to more users.”

        - Thomas Negrit, Cofounder of Flywallet

Flywallet Co-founders Alejandra Fernandez (left) and Thomas Negrit (right).

Flywallet, along with the other 24 startups selected for this program, will be awarded up to $225,000 in cash and credits, technical guidance, mentoring, training, introductions to key Amazon teams and their leaders, ongoing advisory support, and opportunities to network with potential investors.

We intend to put this investment to good use. There are big plans in the pipeline for Flywallet right now, and the AWS Impact Accelerator will help us to speed them up for the benefit of our current and future users.


Oliver Munro
Content Creator and Copywriter at Flywallet

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