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Flywallet Launches Flywallet Pro
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Flywallet Launches Flywallet Pro
Written by Oliver Munro
April 11, 2022

[April 7, 2022] Flywallet, the financial travel tool that allows anyone to easily save for and book flights around the world, no matter their income, has just launched Flywallet Pro, a modern solution to booking flights hassle-free.

Flywallet Pro expands on the original Flywallet toolkit, now making it possible for users to pay for their flights using cryptocurrency. Powered by Celo, the new product is built to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving global travel community and also includes carbon offsetting for every flight booked with crypto.

“Experiences and memories are what make a person wealthy,” said Thomas Negrit, Co-Founder of Flywallet. “ This is our ethos. Flywallet Pro is simply the next step towards our goal of making travel globally accessible for everyone, forever, regardless of their financial or geographical circumstances.”

Flywallet has already secured major partnerships with, Celo, and others. They’ve received backing from several important travel and fintech investors, and are on the radar of many more.

Flywallet Pro lets users:

  • Link a crypto wallet to your Flywallet account.

  • Pay for flights from anywhere in the world using cryptocurrencies.

  • Offset carbon emissions on flights every time you book.

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Oliver Munro
Content Creator and Copywriter at Flywallet

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