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How To Make Your Own Travel Budget

Saving money for a vacation requires a solid savings plan. This guide covers how to create your own travel budget and stick to it. Check it out.

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Making Travel Tech More Efficient With Web3

TravelTech and Web3 are two relatively new concepts. Learn how their pairing is set to positively impact the future of tourism for everyone and more in this article.

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Travel And FinTech: Momentum Meets Innovation

FinTech and travel were destined to be together. See why they pair so well, and what the potential future holds for online tourism

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Flywallet Experiences

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Flywallet X Beyond-Normal {March 22, 2022}

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Flywallet X Envelop Project {August 2, 2022}

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Latest AMA's and Spaces

Flywallet X CELO Nigeria AMA {April 22, 2022}

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Flywallet X Rondo Fx (CEO User Friendly) {May 20, 2022}

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Flywallet Team AMA {June 24, 2022}

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Struggling to save enough for a holiday?

Flywallet is an all-in-one budgeting and booking tool built just for travelers. Create custom savings plans, earn sweet rewards, score cheap flights, and more.

Latest News

Flywallet smart contract audited by industry leader CertiK

Flywallet Completes Smart Contract Audit by Industry Leader CertiK

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Expedia Group Selects Flywallet For Inaugural Accelerator Program

Expedia Group has chosen Flywallet for its inaugural Impact accelerator program. Learn what’s involved and how it will help Flywallet grow.

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Flywallet Supports NFT Workshop For African Artists

Africa Blockchain University is empowering African artists through blockchain education. Read on to find out how Flywallet is helping them achieve this goal.

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