Travel is all about investing in yourself acheiving personal growth, and creating precious memories that last a lifetime. Flywallet is here to help you along your journey, every step of the way.

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The Hidden Benefits of Traveling

Travel isn’t just about taking a break - it has the power to change the world. Read on to learn some of the lesser-known yet powerful benefits of global travel.

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How To Make Your Own Travel Budget

Saving money for a vacation requires a solid savings plan. This guide covers how to create your own travel budget and stick to it. Check it out.

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10 Tips For Saving Money While Traveling [Spending Guide]

Saving and spending are two sides of the same coin. This guide is loaded with handy tips to help you spend smarter so you can save more while abroad.

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How To Quickly Boost Your Travel Savings

Are you desperate to reach your savings goals faster? Check out these useful tips for reaching your financial goals faster.

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Press Releases

Flywallet Launches Flywallet Pro

Flywallet Pro expands on the original Flywallet toolkit, now making it possible for users to pay for their flights using cryptocurrency. Powered by Celo

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Flywallet Teams Up With GoodGhosting To Reward Savers

GoodGhosting is a DeFi savings game. Their savings pool system allows people to earn interest, win rewards, and have fun all while saving money.

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Flywallet Selected By AWS For Impact Accelerator Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has chosen Flywallet for its Impact Accelerator for Black Founders program. Learn what’s involved in the program and how it will help Flywallet grow.

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Flywallet Supports NFT Workshop For African Artists

Africa Blockchain University is empowering African artists through blockchain education. Read on to find out how Flywallet is helping them achieve this goal.

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