We’re changing the way the world sees travel.

In recent years, international flights have caused carbon emissions to soar and forced 1000s of travelers into debt. For many, the option to travel responsibly was never there.

Until now.

What Flywallet
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"I've been wanting to travel for a while, but have had a hard time saving up the money to buy tickets in full upfront. flywallet made my dream happen!"



"Great service from my concierge! As someone who travels a lot, help budgeting all my trips & spreading out my payments is a dream come true!"



"Flywallet is the best way I can visit my loved ones abroad. I can see them regularly in the year without ruining myself financially."



"I've booked 3 trips with flywallet so far. I love it because I forget I have money growing there. When I want to travel seeing my balance makes me so happy!"



"All those pennies saved with flywallet end up being super convenient when I have to book a trip last minute. I don't need to spend a cent from my bank account!"



"flywallet is life-changing! This app will be big, and I'm a proud customer!"



"Things that make me happy: Booking a flight to Paris in less than 2 minutes through flywallet using my cUSD - what a great moment! Never going back to the old way...Fantastic customer service as well - much appreciated!"

Global travel just
got a facelift.

At Flywallet, we believe that life isn’t just about working hard – it’s also about creating
valuable, long-lasting experiences. (Think scuba diving in the turquoise seas of
Ecuador or catching up with loved ones for the first time in years.).

That’s why we’re focused on the three pillars of responsible tourism:




We’re on a mission to make travel more accessible to the disadvantaged, more
for everyone, and more sustainable, so that our grandchildren can keep
exploring the world when we’re gone.

Accessibility with Crypto

Cryptocurrencies make everything more accessible with the possibility of being financially connected to the entire world with just one currency.

Offset carbon

We help you travel the world and stay healthy at the same time with our carbon offset.

We started this journey with one goal in mind: To make travel accessible for everyone, not just the rich.

Our team came together through a shared passion for travel and a desire to help others find a better way to live.

So in 2019, we decided to launch Flywallet as a basic “Book now; Pay later” tool to help regular folk afford more trips.

Since then, we’ve grown into a comprehensive travel budgeting platform with integrated booking features and complete personalization.

And it’s all thanks to an unwavering ambition to make travel possible for anyone, anywhere, no matter their financial situation.

Book flights from anywhere in the world

For years, modern financial technologies have been designed for a privileged few, leaving most of the world without access.

Flywallet was designed with financial inclusion in mind. It uses built-in Web3 blockchain technology to break down the barriers preventing many people from traveling by providing access to their own savings accounts and other financial tools.

Develop better saving habits

Around 70% of people go into debt to pay for a vacation.

To help users avoid debt and the stress that comes with it, Flywallet creates personalized savings plans that ensure you continually save enough to afford your next trip (and the one after that).

Reduce the impact of global travel

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of all global carbon emissions.

This is one of the biggest reasons that travel, as it stands today, is not sustainable.

All flights booked with Flywallet are carbon neutral. That means we offset the environmental impact of every flight by using your money to directly support verified sustainability projects around the world.

Built by real travelers

Managing your money isn’t easy when you’ve got expensive bills, medical costs, and debt to worry about. Especially if your boss isn’t paying what you deserve.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve built a strong team of travel experts that spans Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania to help you achieve your travel goals sooner.

Every Flywallet team member shares the same goal: To create an equal-opportunity tourism landscape that everyone can enjoy.

With Flywallet, you’ll be able to work less and travel more. For the rest of your life.

Meet our team

Thomas Negrit
Alejandra Fernandez
Fabio Ballelio
Full Stack Developer
Cecilia Veloso
UX/UI Designer
Paola Saldiva
Content Creator & Community Manager
Oliver Munro
Tobilola Ajibade
Backend Engineer
Karol Sudol
Lead Smart Contracts Engineer
Elisha Precious
African Ambassador
Ameh Faithfulness
Webflow Developer
Casmir Emenike
Frontend engineer
Carlos Sanchez
Spanish Ambassador

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