Travel anywhere in the world, without taking on debt

Flywallet makes saving for travel fun and effortless. Book more flights, take control of your finances, and start living life by your rules.

Savings made simple. Fly further with flywallet.
Juan Bello D.

This has transformed travel planning for me. Flywallet has helped me save money and get to new places without affecting my monthly income. I've been able to stop worrying about vacations and started to enjoy them even more.

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Globally accessible

Flywallet helps travelers from anywhere, on any income, afford the trip of their dreams.

Simple to use

Book flights and automate your savings
directly from your Flywallet dashboard          
in just a few easy clicks.

Budget smarter

Avoid unhealthy debt, access powerful
budgeting tools, and earn rewards
to help you hit your savings goals faster.

Better for the Planet

Flights booked with Flywallet contribute towards supporting sustainable environmental projects, offsetting the carbon emissions of every trip you take.

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How it works

Achieve total travel freedom in just 3 easy steps.

Choose your destination

Search for affordable flights directly from your
flywallet dashboard. No sign-up fees, no
hidden costs.

Start saving

Connect your debit card or crypto wallet and
enter your passport details to start saving. You’ll get a personalised budget plan, free travel
inspiration, unlimited support, and more.

Prepare for takeoff!

Flywallet helps you build better savings habits
that last for life, so you can start chasing dreams
without money or debt holding you back.

Ready to
start saving?

Open your free wallet
Join Flywallet today

Earn rewards and book more
trips to any destination you want
when you save with Flywallet.

Why we do it

Our mission is to bring equality to travel.

We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to explore the world and regularly reconnect with distant loved ones – regardless of banking access, background or income. So we’re empowering global citizens to travel more and budget smarter by making it easier than ever to live a fulfilling life.

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What our users are
saying about us


Saved $50


Flew to Paris


Booked to France


Added $100


saving $8 a month


booked a flight to Panama City


booked a flight to Bali


booked a flight to Abuja


booked a flight to Rio de Janeiro


booked a flight to Bogota


booked a flight to Valencia


booked a flight to Spain


saving $30 a month


booked a flight to Portugal


booked a flight to Buenos Aires


booked a flight to Guadalajara


booked a flight to Zurich


earned $10


saving $15 a month


booked a flight to Amsterdam


How do I get started?

It’s simple to start saving with Flywallet. All you need is your name, your passport, and a valid debit card or crypto wallet. Sign up for free today to get started.

Does Flywallet cost?

No. Flywallet is 100% free for everyone. You won’t be charged for the money you store in your wallet, and any bookings made through the save-later system will not incur interest.

Who can use Flywallet?

Anyone over the age of 18 can open a Flywallet account and start saving; it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. We don’t run credit checks or charge interest on your account.

How much can I save with Flywallet?

The sky’s the limit, as they say. Flywallet’s custom budget calculator will help you determine how much you need to save each month to reach your goals. Then you can choose to set up automatic monthly deposits or contribute to your savings plan in single payments that work best for you.

The only travel platform designed to save
you money
, not take it from you
Your safety and security come first

Connect your debit card or crypto wallet and
enter your passport details to start saving. You’ll get a personalised budget plan, free travel
inspiration, unlimited support, and more.

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We've been wanting to travel for a while, but have had a hard time saving up the money to buy tickets in full upfront. flywallet made our dream happen!

Love the concept ! how efficient and convenient it is for most people including myself to save up consistently towards a wonderful experience.

Flywallet is one of the coolest DeFi / Travel projects out there and everyone should be paying attention to them.

I've booked 3 trips with flywallet so far. I love it because I forget I have money growing there. When I want to travel, seeing my balance makes me so happy!

I'm going to be using flywallet for the rest of my life!

I really love this company. I recently just hit a personal milestone - traveled out of the country solo for the first time. flywallet went above + beyond to help

Wow. Booked a flight to Barcelona, with flywallet and paying in $CUSD - super fast & seamless, great experience

This platform is the meeting point between crypto and traveling, this is just the beginning of FlyWallet success. Congrats

I travelled to Barcelona with flywallet, it was an incredible experience for me, the team is so humble.