An evergreen solution to travel

Flywallet combines carbon offsetting and Web3 blockchain technology to make travel more accessible and better for the planet.

Save for flights faster

Boost your travel fund by earning cash rewards for completed milestones. Afford the holiday of your dreams in no time.

Travel at your convenience

Find flights when they’re at their cheapest. Our budget calculator predicts the best deals and ensures you’re saving enough to afford them in time.

Simple to use

Search for and book your dream vacation directly through the Flywallet dashboard.

Carbon neutral

Money from every booking goes directly towards environmental projects so you can fly with peace of mind, every time.

Budget smarter

Flywallet isn’t about saving you money. It’s about making you a better saver, for life.

Support when you need it

Our friendly team is always available. Get free advice every step of the way.

Secure and protected

Flywallet uses Stripe’s 3DS2 built-in fraud prevention and Web3 two factor authentification to keep all your transactions and personal data safe.

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booked a flight to Punta Cana


saving $5 a month


booked a flight to Amsterdam


saving $171 a month


saving $8 a month


booked a flight to Panama City


booked a flight to Bali


booked a flight to Abuja


booked a flight to Rio de Janeiro


booked a flight to Bogota


booked a flight to Valencia


booked a flight to Spain


saving $30 a month


booked a flight to Portugal


booked a flight to Buenos Aires


booked a flight to Guadalajara


booked a flight to Zurich


earned $10


saving $15 a month


booked a flight to Amsterdam

impact so far

Loved by our users

We've been wanting to travel for a while, but have had a hard time saving up the money to buy tickets in full upfront. flywallet made our dream happen!

Love the concept ! how efficient and convenient it is for most people including myself to save up consistently towards a wonderful experience.

Flywallet is one of the coolest DeFi / Travel projects out there and everyone should be paying attention to them.

I've booked 3 trips with flywallet so far. I love it because I forget I have money growing there. When I want to travel, seeing my balance makes me so happy!

I'm going to be using flywallet for the rest of my life!

I really love this company. I recently just hit a personal milestone - traveled out of the country solo for the first time. flywallet went above + beyond to help

Wow. Booked a flight to Barcelona, with flywallet and paying in $CUSD - super fast & seamless, great experience

This platform is the meeting point between crypto and traveling, this is just the beginning of FlyWallet success. Congrats

I travelled to Barcelona with flywallet, it was an incredible experience for me, the team is so humble.

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